Processing Refunds + Refund Policy

With a few simple steps, you can initiate refunds right from your event page.

Refund Policy.

When processing refunds, the customer will receive the full amount, however, the event organizer will still be responsible for Viewcy fees, Stripe fees, and Paypal fees. 

For example, if you refund a ticket that cost $15 + $1.79 in fees, the refunded customer will receive the full $16.79, but Viewcy and the credit card processing fees will remain as charges. This means the organizer will incur a loss of $1.79.  

How it Works:

Log into the organizer account.

Select 'Your Profile’ in the drop-down menu.
Select your event.
On the event page, click on ‘Guests’. Under the participants' tab, select the name you want to refund and open the drop-down menu.

From here you have two options:

1. refund one ticket at a time.

2. To refund all the tickets in a single go.

To refund one ticket at a time, open the three-dot menu next to each guest's name, and select "Refund".

To refund all the guests, select the main three-dot menu on top of the screen and select "Refund all Participants".

You will get a prompt to confirm your action.

Once you hit Confirm, the refund will be initiated and the participant (s) will receive an email notification.

Pro tip:

If you wish to refund only partial transactions, you can do this in Stripe. Note that refunds processed via Stripe will not reflect on your Stats page.

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