Using direct access links

Direct access links are an easy way to access a virtual event that bypasses the need to have a ticket. However, it is dependent on the broadcast settings. Users simply have to enter their names to access a virtual event. 

Setting up Direct Access Links

1. To get started, open an event you've created and click "Video".

2. Click on "Direct Access Links", and you'll be asked how many links you would like to generate.  Set a number, and click "Generate."

3. Once the links  are generated, you can do the following:

a. Copy the unique access link by clicking on the "copy icon."

b. See the names of the users that used links. 

c. Mark a unique access link as sent.

d. Open the "three-dot menu" to generate more codes or export a CSV report with all the unique links and 

    their usage.

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