Accepting payments in different currencies.

Accepting payments in different currencies

In this article we'll go over a series of steps to create events in your local currency.  Please note that currently, Viewcy accepts payments in US dollar, Canadian dollar, Indian rupees, Euros, British pounds, and Polish zloty.

 To get started, go ahead and sign up or log into Viewcy (if you already have an account) here: (Note: if you are already logged in, this link will take you to your profile.)

Click "manage" for the account you wish to change the currency

This can be for you, or for your organization.  See the image below for how to find each of the two:

Under the "Settings" tab, select your currency:

Make sure that the currency you select corresponds to your connected bank account, otherwise a currency change fee is applied to each transaction.

International Fees:

See our fees in different currencies.

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