Viewcy International Fees

Viewcy fees apply to ticketed events only. 

Free events, and online events by donation, are free.

Transaction fees are applied to all transactions, including donations to free events. These fees are handled by either Stripe or Paypal.

Currently, Paypal is only available as a payment option for Viewcy accounts set to accept payments in USD.

The fees differ according to the currency setting on your account.

Below find a list of the currencies we support and their corresponding fees:

US Dollar (USD):

Viewcy fees / ticket: 1% + $.69. 

Transaction fee:If payment is made with credit card, Stripe fees are 2.9% + $.30 (+1% on international cards) If payment is made with Paypal, fees are 2.9% (4.4% for accounts based outside the US) + $.30

Viewcy Fees for international currencies

Indian Rupees (INR):  2%
Polish Złoty (PLN):  1% + 2.50 zł
Canadian Dollar (CAD):  1% + $.89
Euro (EUR):  1% + €0.64
British Pound (GBP): 1% + £0.55
Swedish Krona (SEK): 0.4% + 6.00kr
Swiss Franc (CHF): 1% + CHF0.69

Changing your currency setting;

Select ‘Manage your account’ in the account drop-down menu.

To change the currency setting on an organization that you manage, open the organization and click "Manage".

  • Click on the ‘Settings’ tab.
  • Go to "Event Payments"

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