How to Donate During Ticket Purchase

As an event attendee, you may want to support the event organizer by making a donation. With the new feature of adding a donation option during buying a ticket, you can easily do so during the checkout process:

  1. When you purchase a ticket for an event that has enabled the donation option, you will see a checkbox asking if you would like to make a donation.
  • If you choose to make a donation, you will be prompted to enter the donation title, description, and amount. The suggested donation amount will already be prefilled, but you can edit it as desired.

  • Proceed to click on ‘Place Order’ below and you will be prompted to add your card payment details or choose to use the link.

  • Once you click on ‘Confirm’ below you will receive a confirmation email that includes a line item for the donation, but there will not be a "view ticket" button.

With the new donation option during buying a ticket feature, it's easy to show support for event organizers and their efforts. Donations are a great way to help make events successful and ensure that they continue in the future.

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