Frequently Asked Questions about Viewcy.

Q: How do I set the capacity for an in-person event?

A: One way to increase capacity is through the event settings: click on Details> Settings> Under Max capacity check on either ‘Limited’ or ‘Unlimited’.

The second method is through adjusting the end sales of tickets. Under the tickets option adjust the ticket sales to run for the number of days preferred.

Q: How long are streamed events available?

A: They have both options of Unlimited availability and Limited availability. Go to Event > Details > Settings to set the availability.

Tickets are available for up to 100 days after the event. Set this in Event > Details > Tickets.

Q: How do I delete a video as an artist?

A: Unfortunately artists are not able to delete videos from the library section on their own. But, they can certainly contact Viewcy to delete their videos from Viewcy library. However, the main artists can edit the videos from the library section.

Q: How do I add a free guest for a paid event?

A: Its easy to add a free guest in the following ways:

  • Under the "Tickets" tab, click to create a free ticket. It is also possible to make it a secret ticket if you don’t want the public to access this option.
  • Under the "Guests" tab, click on the 3 dots and click "Add an attendee” and select the free ticket option. You can also enable the checkbox “Send email confirmation” to have a ticket sent to the guest.

Q: What currencies do we support?

A: At the moment Viewcy supports 7 currencies: USD, Poland, Swiss, SEK, EUR, Indian Rupees, and Canadian Dollar. We are working on adding more currencies. 

Q: How do I refund tickets in Stripe / PayPal or on the event and what’s the difference?

A: Viewcy offers the feature to refund a ticket for the event by following the below steps: 
  1. Go to Event > Guests.
  2. Click the menu next to a particular guest and select "Refund" to refund guests one at a time or "Refund all Participants" from the main menu to refund all the guests at one time. 
    Alternatively, you can initiate a refund from within Stripe or Paypal, but keep in mind that this will not change the revenue stats data in Viewcy.

Q: How long does it take for the money to reach my account?

A: When accepting payments using Stripe, it takes a few days for the money to reach your account. Log into your Stripe dashboard to get detailed information about payouts.

When accepting payments using Paypal, payouts are immediate.

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