Streaming from your mobile device

To stream sessions from your mobile phone:

  1. Download the Larix streaming app.  IOS download.     Android Download
  2. Get your streaming link.  To do this, go to your Viewcy event > Video > RTMP Streaming. (This feature is in BETA. If you don't see this option, contact to request access).
    1. Combine the Streaming server URL and Streaming Key into a single URL. Separate the two elements by a "/".  
    2. Here is an example of the combined URL: rtmps://
  3. To get this
  4. You can test that the stream is working by going back to the event page > Video > RTMP Streaming, and seeing that the video is piping through.

Things you must know!

To activate streaming, you must have at least 1 "online ticket".  This is how Viewcy knows to stream.

If the stream stops for any reason, you have a short window to restart it (1 min).  If you don't restart it, the video will transform to a video on demand.  In an emergency situation, go back to your Event > Video > RTMP Streaming, and below the preview, you'll see the preview playing + a button that says "Go Live on Viewcy".  Press this button to force the new stream onto the event.

You can only stream to one event at a time. Viewcy will auto-sync your stream with the event that is active. 

Pro Tips 

1. Make sure to start the stream 1min to 30 seconds before the event starts time.  The reason is, that people will get antsy if they don't see any action. It's better for them to see you setting up than to see nothing.

2. Have someone working on the comments!  It helps a lot to drive engagement.

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