Sending a ticket to a friend

There are two ways to send tickets to a friend.  One way is when purchasing tickets (see scenario 1 below), and the second way is if you already purchased tickets, Go to the event page, and click on "My Tix" (see scenario 2 below).

Scenario 1: When you buy the tickets

Step 1: While buying tickets, select the number of tickets to be purchased

Step 2: On the 'Thank you!' screen, for the additional tickets you purchase, click on 'Send to a friend.'

    Step 3: Enter the name and email of the friend.

Step 4: Your friend will receive an e-mail. Click on the 'View Stream' button to join the show.

Scenario 2: Already purchased multiple tickets?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Log in to your account

Step 3: Find the event 

Step 4: Click on "My Tix" 

Step 5: Click on 'Send to a friend' as shown below.

Step 6: Enter the name and email of the friend.

Step 7: Your friend will receive an e-mail. Click on the 'View Stream' to join the show.

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