Having trouble watching a live streaming event?

Did you already buy a ticket to an event and are you having trouble accessing the live stream? 

The issue is that Viewcy can't recognize you. But don't worry: it's easy to fix.

There are two possible issues:

1. You are logged in with a different email address than the one you purchased your ticket with.  

Solution: In this case, log in with the email you used while buying a ticket.  Keep in mind that if you signed in with Facebook (which might be connected to an email you don't commonly use), log out and "Continue with Facebook".

2.  You are logged out.

Solution: In this case, you need to log in. On the event page, you'll see "View Stream."  Click on the ‘View Stream’ button and it will prompt you to select a ticket of your choice, then click on the ‘Continue’ button you'll be asked to log in.  Make sure to use the same email address that you used to buy tickets.  Or if you used Facebook, the best thing to do is to continue with Facebook again.

Still, having an issue? Email us at support@viewcy.com.

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