Setting up Google Analytics

In this article, you'll see how to set up Google Analytics for your Viewcy pages, and events.  Google Analytics is great for giving you valuable insight into the behavior of your users including:

  • How long they are staying on your page
  • From where they were referred (i.e. Facebook, other links, email blast, etc...)
  • Demographic info (where in the world they are from)
  • etc...

Step 1: Create a Google Analytics code. 

Step 2: Paste the code into your Viewcy account.

You have two types of accounts on Viewcy - your personal profile, and organizations.  If you are seeking data on the traffic to events created on your account:

1. "Your." (Find this link in the top-right menu). Click organizations and select the account you wish to manage.

2. Click Manage, scroll down to find Google Analytics, paste the google UA code into this text field, and save.

After adding the code here, your Google Analytics dashboard will begin collecting data on all visitors to your Viewcy account and events.

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