Tickets: How to create tickets

In this article, you will learn everything about setting up tickets on Viewcy. You can create 4 different types of tickets: free tickets, paid tickets, multi-entry passes, and festival passes. In this article, we'll go through and describe each type of ticket and how it can be used.

How to create Tickets:

Find the tickets tab; 

  1. Make sure you are logged in and open the Event Page.

    • If you created this event on behalf of an organization, open the organization first, and there you will find the event.

  2. Click / tap on details.

3. Open the Tickets tab.

To edit/remove existing tickets;

  1. Go to the details page;
  1. Click on the tickets tab;

You will see an EDIT and REMOVE/DELETE button at the end or right side of the ticket details.

4 different types of tickets:

  • Free tickets
    • These are great for collecting RSVPs and registrations.
  • Paid tickets
    • These tickets have a price. 
      • Fees can be absorbed by the event creator or passed on to the ticket buyer.
  • Multi-Entry Pass
    • i.e. 10 class cards.
    • When creating this ticket you set "how many times can people attend an event with this pass?"  For example, enter "10" for a 10 class card.
    • This ticket can be applied to multiple events.  If you are producing a concert series and want to sell a 3 event pass and apply it to multiple events, people purchasing this ticket will buy 3 credits to apply to other events.
  • Festival Pass
    • A festival pass is for when you have a multi-event festival, and you want to sell a single ticket that gives entry to the entire series.  For example, if you have a 5-day music festival with 5 different ticketed events, you can create a festival pass that grants entry to all 5 events.  
    • Purchasers of this ticket will be added to the guest list to all 5 events, and receive 5 tickets in their confirmation email.

Attributes common to all ticket types are:

  • Ticket name
    • This is what people see when they buy a ticket.
    • i.e. General Admission, RSVP, Early Bird, etc...
  • Available Quantity 
    • This is how many of a particular ticket is available.
    • You can set this to unlimited, or set a fixed amount of available tickets.
  • Attendance Type 
    • This is where you specify if it is an in-person or online ticket depending on your event.
    • You can create both types for an event separately.
  • Start sales
    • This is when the ticket becomes available. If you want some tickets to go on sale on a particular date, enter that date here.
    • By default, this is set to start immediately.
  • End sales
    • This is when tickets should stop being available.
    • If you want these tickets to be available after the event starts, be sure to set this to end after the event.
  • Standard vs. Secret ticket.
    • Standard tickets are normal tickets and are publicly available. 
    • Secret tickets require a secret code.  Secret tickets are a great way to set up discount codes.

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