Tickets: How to create tickets

In this article, you will learn everything about setting up tickets on Viewcy. You can create 5 different types of tickets: free tickets, paid tickets, multi-entry passes, festival passes, and add-on.

In this article, we'll go through and describe each type of ticket and how it can be used.

How to create tickets:

Open a Viewcy event that you manage and click on details and open the tickets tab.

There are 5 different types of tickets:

1. Free tickets
  • These are great for collecting RSVPs and registrations.
2. Paid tickets
  • These tickets have a price. 
    • Fees can be absorbed by the event creator or passed on to the ticket buyer.
3.  Multi-Entry Pass
  • When creating this ticket you set "How many times can people attend an event with this pass?"  For example, enter "10" for a 10-plus card.
  • This ticket can be applied to multiple events.  If you are producing a concert series and want to sell a 3-event pass and apply it to multiple events, people purchasing this ticket will buy 3 credits to apply to other events.
4.  Festival Pass
  • A festival pass is for when you have a multi-event festival, and you want to sell a single ticket that gives entry to the entire series.  For example, if you have a 5-day music festival with 5 different ticketed events, you can create a festival pass that grants entry to all 5 events.  
  • Purchasers of this ticket will be added to the guest list for all 5 events, and receive 5 tickets in their confirmation email.
5. Add-on tickets
  • This type of ticket is for selling products like food, parking passes, or other add-ons. Purchasing these products doesn’t affect the total event capacity.

Attributes common to all ticket types are:

  • Ticket name
    • This is what people see when they buy a ticket.
    • i.e. General Admission, RSVP, Early Bird, etc...
  • Available Quantity 
    • This is how many of a particular ticket are available.
    • You can set this to unlimited, or set a fixed amount of available tickets.
  • Attendance Type 
    • This is where you specify if it is an in-person or online ticket depending on your event.
    • You can create both types for an event separately.
    • You can create hybrid events as well.
  • Start sales
    • This is when the ticket becomes available. If you want some tickets to go on sale on a particular date, enter that date here.
    • By default, this is set to start immediately.
  • End sales
    • This is when tickets should stop being available.
    • If you want these tickets to be available after the event starts, be sure to set this to end after the event.
  • Standard vs. Secret ticket.
    • Standard tickets are normal tickets and are publicly available. 
    • Secret tickets require a secret code.  Secret tickets are a great way to set up discount codes.

To edit/remove/hide existing tickets

You will see an ‘Edit’ and ‘Hide/Remove/Delete’ button at the end or right side of the ticket details.
Hide : Event organizer has the ability to ‘hide’ a ticket tier from the public facing ticket options of the event, this can be undone by selecting 'Unhide'.
Delete : Event organizer can delete the whole ticket tier when no tickets are purchased. Note: You can only delete a ticket if no tickets have been sold. Once a ticket has been sold, you will only have the option to hide a ticket.
Remove : Event organizer can remove the festival passes tickets. The reason is, Festival Passes are applied to multiple events. Removing it from one event, leaves the pass available on other events.

Edit : Event organizer can make changes or update the tickets.

Track capacity for each individual ticket on the tickets tab

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